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Patrul Rinpoche

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Temple Dedication Prayer

by Patrul Rinpoche

Through the power of this, may we attain buddhahood,
And through our enlightened activity, without effort or exertion,
Empty the ocean of saṃsāra’s three realms,
So that all attain the state of the omniscient Vajradhara.
Also, here and now, by the power of this supreme undertaking,
May all the world be free from sickness, famine, conflict and unrest,
May the rains fall on time, harvests be bountiful and resources thrive,
And may we be rich with the supreme qualities of the higher realms!
May anyone who sees these supreme representations of the enlightened ones,
Hears of them, thinks of them, prostrates before them, makes offerings to them or shows them respect,
And even those who are merely touched by the same breath of wind,
Spontaneously accomplish all their aims, both relative and ultimate!
May the seed of liberation be planted within the minds
Of all who were involved in the building of this temple,
With body, speech or mind—including horses and other beasts of burden,
And even the tiniest insects whose lives were taken accidentally.
May this temple provide the conditions for effortlessly mastering
Every branch of learning, perfectly and in accordance with the Dharma,
And may every project undertaken here be accomplished without hindrance,
So that all may enjoy the glory of the supreme and ordinary siddhis!
May Dharma resources and material necessities always be plentiful,
Enabling all who live here to maintain the supreme support of leisure,
Find food, clothing and accommodation, while avoiding the two extremes,[1]
And, by following the path of liberation, attain enlightenment!
May the noble conduct of all who gather here—the practices of study, contemplation and meditation—
Forever flourish and increase just like the waxing moon,
And may this supreme of paths delighting all the buddhas remain until the very end of time,
Without ever diminishing, maintained always through study and through practice.
May all the positive forces and deities who delight in the teachings,
And all the powerful and haughty spirits who are bound by sacred oath,
Guard and watch over this temple, without ever becoming inattentive,
And may they gather and attract all manner of glory in abundance.
May their sharp and wrathful activity be brought to bear directly upon
All who are hostile to the Dharma or seek to bring ruin upon its holders,
And who all who would steal or plunder the resources,
Which have been donated to the saṅgha community.
Ultimately, may anyone who makes a connection with this temple, whether by positive or negative actions,
Become receptive to the pure approach that leads to liberation,
And, by following the paths of the three yānas, find true freedom,
So that the vast ocean of saṃsāric existence is forever emptied!
For as long as study and practice continue and the buddhist teachings remain here,
Should the guardians of the Dharma ever neglect their duties or relax their guard,
Transgressing the commands of the victorious ones and their own vajra oaths,
May the sternest punishment be sure to fall upon those who display such arrogance.
From this day on, may Ekajaṭī, Za Rāhula, Damchen Dorje Lekpa and the rest
Abide forever within this temple,
Increasing all that is positive, guarding against inauspiciousness, eliminating all obstructions,
And swiftly and directly bringing to bear the full force of their activity!

These few words of aspiration, to be recited at the end of the register detailing donations made towards the construction of a great temple, were written by Patrul in Shri Singha, the hermitage belonging to the monastic centre of the three yānas. May it be virtuous and auspicious!

| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2005. With many thanks to Dzogchen Rinpoche for providing the original manuscript and encouraging the translation, and to Khenpo Dorje for his invaluable clarifications.

  1. The sustenance and facilities should be neither too meagre and austere nor too plentiful and lavish.  ↩

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