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Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö

Buddha Śākyamuni

Benedictory Verses for The Clarifying Light: A Prophecy of the Future

by Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö

Through the virtue of the wholesome act
Of printing this prophetic teaching
Of the incomparable perfect Buddha
So that those with faith may uphold it,
May the ills of this degenerate time be dispelled,
May we all find the relief of a perfect, golden age,
May the jewel-in-the-sky of joy and happiness dawn,
And may we swiftly gain unsurpassable, enduring excellence.

The Khyentse emanation made this prayer of aspiration. May virtue and excellence thrive.

These prophecies of what is to come clearly foretold
By the supreme teacher, seer of the three times,
Were compiled by Chökyi Lodrö, Vajradhara in person,
Out of loving kindness for the beings of the degenerate age.

May all who practise this with faith and devotion
And a wholly positive intention towards teachings and beings,
Be freed entirely from the ten major forms of terror
And swiftly attain ultimate omniscience.


| Translated by Adam Pearcey with the generous support of the Khyentse Foundation and Tertön Sogyal Trust, 2020.



"Ma 'ongs lung bstan gsal byed sgron me" in 'Jam dbyangs chos kyi blo gros kyi gsung 'bum. TBRC W1KG12986. 12 vols. Bir, H.P.: Khyentse Labrang, 2012. Vol. 10: 602–603.

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