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Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

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Wisdom’s Melody

An Aspiration to Realize Madhyamaka, Mahāmudrā, and Mahā Ati

by Kyabje Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

Incomparable Gurus in whom the three secrets of myriad siddhas are primordially perfected: Samantabhadra, Vajradhara, and you, Mighty Sage, together with your close disciples and oceanic deities of the Three Jewels, Three Roots, and dharmapālas, pray listen!

Having purified myself with the common and extraordinary preliminary practices: cultivating faith, renunciation, compassion, and wisdom; with reliance upon the refuge of the three jewels, and the altruistic wish to benefit others, may I enter the path pleasing to the victors!

The ultimate, essential nature of everything is emptiness, and the obscuring nature, devoid of self-characteristics, can arise interdependently as anything whatsoever. Their union lies beyond all extremes and is the dhātu beyond aspiration – may I actualize the Middle Way view of the supreme vehicle!

Through the threefold natural occurrence the co-emergence of mind itself is realized; experiencing the self-liberation of the four faults is the fourfold yoga. Having found the deep confidence that the four kāyas are perfected within me, may I realize the meditation of Mahāmudrā!

To realize the magical display of illusion, of appearance and mind as empty awareness, is to strike the vital point of the swift path of creation, recitation, method, and liberation; to see saṃsāra and nirvāṇa arise as the dharmakāya is to take both happiness and suffering as the path. May I dispel obstacles and enhance the practice through the conduct of single-taste!

Having liberated preoccupation with thought and hankering after self-characteristics into the primordially pure dhātu, the four visions of spontaneous presence exhaust contamination whence it lies. May I win the citadel of the dharmadhātu, the youthful kāya within a vase, and achieve the four visions of the resultant Great Perfection!

With swift compassion for all beings throughout space, and to obtain the potential, ability, methods, and knowledge to tame those difficult ones – bringing about the amazing twofold spontaneous benefit – may I emulate the awe-inspiring siddhas of the past!

Whilst explaining the Heart-Essence of the Lordly and Most Majestic of Siddhas (Druptop Chenpö’i Tuktik), I gave rise to a strong faith and conviction in the key vajra points of the profound secret. I thought of the great fortune that would ensue if I and all others could at least aspire to practise such a path. As such, I, Maṅgala, a beggar from Dokham, wrote this in the hidden land of fruits, Sikkim. May it prove meaningful! Virtue!

Translated by Sean Price, 2015

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