Aspiration Towards Sukhāvatī

Amitābha & Sukhāvatī | Tibetan MastersShamar Chökyi Wangchuk

English | བོད་ཡིག

Shamar Chökyi Wangchuk

Amitābha, Buddha of Boundless Light

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Aspiration towards Sukhāvatī

by Shamar Chökyi Wangchuk (1584–1630)

From here, over in the direction of the setting sun,
In a place many countless worlds away,
Lies the utterly pure realm of Sukhāvatī, 'the Blissful',
There resides the supreme and perfect Buddha,
Boundless Life and Light.
To that Lord and protector, I pay homage.
I offer clouds of imagined gifts, just like Samantabhadra's.
I confess misdeeds accumulated over many lifetimes.
I rejoice in the virtuous actions of all beings.
I request the turning of the Wheel of Dharma.
I pray that you do not pass into nirvāṇa.
And, through the virtues amassed in past, present and future,
I pray that as soon as my life ends and I pass from here,
I may be born in that sublime realm, and, like the Lord himself,
Perfectly achieve my own and others' aims—
Make this wish of mine come true, I pray!

This was spoken by the Karmapa holder of the Red Hat in response to the fine and ardent requests of Karma Lodrö, the lama of Gina Monastery, and Drongpa Lama, who said there was a need for brief aspiration prayer for Sukhāvatī that could be recited regularly.

Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2016.

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