The Stairway to Great Bliss

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English | བོད་ཡིག

The Stairway to Great Bliss: A Method for Planting the Seed of Liberation in Animals, a Supplementary Practice of the Supreme Path of Noble Dharma and Great Bliss

by Dodrupchen Jigme Trinle Özer

Namo amitābhāya!

Before Amitābha, Lord of Limitless Light,
I respectfully bow down.
In order to guide animals along the path to liberation,
I shall here set out an instruction employing skilful methods.

In this skilful method for liberating animals, begin by taking refuge and arousing bodhicitta:

Until I realise the essence of enlightenment,
I take refuge in the buddhas,
And likewise in the Dharma,
And the assembly of bodhisattvas.

Three times.

Today my birth has been fruitful.
I have well obtained a human existence.
Today I am born into the family of the buddhas.
I have become a son or daughter of the buddhas.
From now on, at all costs, I will perform
The actions befitting to my family.
I will not be a stain
On this faultless noble family.
Just like a blind person
Happening upon a priceless jewel in a heap of rubbish,
So, through some fortunate coincidence,
The bodhicitta has been born in me.
Today, in the presence of all the protectors,
I invite all beings to the state of sugata,
And, meanwhile, to happiness and bliss:
Gods, asuras and others—rejoice!

Perform the cleansing (trü) ritual, dispel obstructing forces and visualize the protective sphere. Then recite the following:

Through the power by ignorance and delusion,
The experiences of various animals in saṃsāra arise.
As a means of averting them and bringing about
The mandala of dharmadhātu wisdom,
This rite of auspicious connection,
Sealed with the absolute, is unfailing.

Descent of blessings:

Amitābha, who has the wisdom of omniscience,
Avalokiteśvara, treasury of compassion, holding the white lotus,
Vajrapāṇi, Lord of Secrets, radiating power and strength,
And the guru, who embodies them all—
Shower down your blessings on this creature, I pray!

Prayer for averting harm and bringing benefit:

Buddha of Medicine, who heals the sickness of the three poisons,
Noble saviouress Tārā, who protects from the eight fears,
And Mārīcī, who binds enemies and thieves—
Through the power and strength of these three,
May this animal be freed from sickness, harmful influences and the eight fears,
And attain the level of liberation and omniscience!

Offering the support:

Victorious buddha Lord Amitābha,
Avalokiteśvara, mighty Vajrapāṇi,
Buddha of Medicine, Tārā and Mārīcī—
In order to pacify the sufferings of beings in the lower realms,
But above all, this particular creature,
I offer my body, speech and mind to you! Guard us with your compassion!
To the guru, yidam, ḍākinī,
And the ocean of dharmapālas and oath-bound deities,
I offer! Pacify all harm,
And bring about all the splendour glory and wondrous qualities
Of liberation and omniscience!

Recite dhāraṇīs of long-life.

Aspiration prayer of prophetic speech:

Casting aside the three doors of the lower realms of saṃsāra,
Through the power of planting well the seed of liberation,
May the buddhas' teachings spread and sentient beings be happy,
May the suffering of the lower realms be entirely cleared away,
And may everyone attain liberation and perfect peace,
Swiftly and without any form of obstacle!

Concluding prayer of auspiciousness

Ho! May the precious wheel of supreme methods
Bring the auspiciousness of vanquishing the lower realms!
May the precious jewel of glory and qualities
Bring the auspiciousness of granting all that we desire!
May the precious queen of wisdom
Bring the auspiciousness of increasing happiness and joy!
May the precious householder of intelligent wit
Bring the auspiciousness of increasing power!
May the precious elephant of prodigious skill
Bring the auspiciousness of conquering opposing forces!
May the precious horse of strength and agility
Bring the auspiciousness of swiftly traversing the paths and stages!
May the precious military commander of might and power
Bring the auspiciousness of overcoming all adversity!

May all the various countries and domains
Enjoy the auspiciousness of perfect happiness and wellbeing!
May all the living beings within samsara
Enjoy the auspiciousness of gaining Buddhahood!
In the unsurpassable mantra vehicle
May we enjoy the auspiciousness of lacking doubt!
Through enlightened activity, limitless and infinite,
May there be the auspicious capacity to increase benefit and happiness!

Then recite further prayers of auspiciousness, of whatever length.

This was composed by the mantra practitioner, Jigme Trinlé Özer. Through the musical sounds of this bodhicitta intention, may all be summoned as guests to benefit and happiness! Through this unfailing interdependence, may all attain the fruit of Buddhahood! May virtue abound!

Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2015. With many thanks to Alak Zenkar Rinpoche for providing the text.

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