Dodrupchen Jigme Trinle Özer Series

Tibetan MastersDodrupchen Jigme Trinle Özer

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Dodrupchen Jigme Trinle Özer

Dodrupchen Jigme Trinle Özer, the First Dodrupchen

Further Information:

Empowered by Padmasambhava, omniscient in past, present and future,

As master over the profound treasures, universal king of Dharma,

The reincarnation of Sangyé Lingpa, you who follow a hidden way,

Kunzang Shyenpen, at your feet I pray!

Texts by the First Dodrupchen, Jigme Trinle Özer ('jigs med phrin las 'od zer, 1745–1821), who was also known as Kunzang Shenpen (kun bzang gzhan phan):


Guru Rinpoche prayers

Lineage Prayers


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