Prayer to the Lion of Speech

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English | བོད་ཡིག

Karma Chakme

Karma Chakme (Rāga Asya)

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Prayer to the Lion of Speech

by Karma Chakme (alias Rāgāsya) 

Namo Lokeśvarāya!

Transcendent conqueror, embodiment of the speech
Of all the buddhas of the past, present and future,
Master of the Lotus Family,
Known as ‘Vajra of Enlightened Speech’,
Amitābha, Buddha of Boundless Light, to you I pray!

Inseparable from him in essence, yet appearing
As the foremost of the buddhas' heirs,
The bodhisattva mahāsattva, great warrior of awakening,
Mañjuśrī, red in colour and wielding a sword,
To you, the Lion of Speech, I pray!

Appearing in the form of the Wisdom Mother,
Goddess of the speech of all the buddhas
Of past, present and future, Sarasvatī,
Known as ‘Divine Lady of the Ganges’,
To you, the Goddess of Speech, I pray!

Through the blessings of this prayer,
May I and all my followers,
And all who see, hear or think of me, or come in contact with me in any way,
Dispel entirely the darkness of their ignorance,
And open up the channels of their wisdom!

From this time onwards, in all my future lives,
May my intelligence be free from any flaw!
May I have perfect wisdom in abundance,
And be blessed with an infallible memory
Of all the ocean-like teachings of the buddhas!

Through the utter purity of reality itself,
And the infallible laws of interdependence,
And through the compassion of Mañjuśrī and consort,
May this prayer of mine be accomplished!

This was composed by Rāgāsya for his own daily practice. May it be a cause for benefiting the teachings and beings and bringing about ultimate happiness. Virtue! Virtue! Virtue!

| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2008.

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