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Testament | Tibetan MastersTra Gelong Tsultrim Dargye

English | བོད་ཡིག

Tra Gelong Tsultrim Dargye
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Words Spoken at the Moment of Passing

by Tra Gelong Tsultrim Dargye

Out of great emptiness beyond reference, the womb of absolute space,
You appear spontaneously, with all the signs and marks, glowing with the vigour of youth,
Like the play of the moon’s reflection in the minds of those to be trained,
Khecarī, Vajra Queen, together with your retinue, come now!

Taking up actual riches and those created by the mind,
I offer sacred substances, ritual gifts, offering tormas and golden drink,
Which, through the power and strength of mantra and samādhi and the two truths,
Fill the whole earth and the sky and everywhere in between.

Secret Mother who delights the powerful blood-drinking Heruka,
Crowning glory of all ḍākinīs and heroes throughout the three planes,
Friend who guides the fortunate to the pure realm of Khecara—
Vajrayoginī, my only refuge, to you I offer praise!

Now in this degenerate age, so difficult to bear, O Mother,
Your inspiration and blessings expand like a lake in summer,
And all of us place our hope in you, as we pray now:
Grant us the fortune to enter the lowest ranks of the Sky-Farers!

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