The Jewel Sun

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Longchen Rabjam

Longchen Rabjam

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The Jewel Sun

A Vajra Song

by Longchen Rabjam

The Dharma song of the Jewel Sun is the space
That fulfills mind’s desire like a wish-granting tree.
Genuine Lama Rinpoche, I pray that you dwell
As the adornment of my crown chakra.

The lotus is in harmony with sunlight:
When the sun rises in the pure sky,
The darkness of the four continents is cleared away
And the lotus flower blooms.

When strength in the realization of primordial wisdom
Rises in the space of natural cognizance,
The darkness of ignorance is cleared away
And realization of the natural condition blooms.

When the moon that gives vision to sentient beings
Rises and lights up the transitory world,
Its shining white light emanates forth
And the flower of the night lotus blooms.

When the lucid realm of clear light rises
In the realization of dharmakāya’s vast expanse,
The blazing splendor of great bliss and clarity shines forth
And nonconceptual primordial wisdom blooms.

When the radiant light of increasing merit
Eclipses the radiance of the sun and moon,
The daylight of suffering fades
And the planets and stars grow bright.

When the sixteen stirring winds settle in basic space
And the sun and moon are consumed by Rāhula,
Reified thoughts of objects and subjects fade away
And the experience of clear light shines forth.

When the precious wish-fulfilling gem
Is planted on the tip of the victory banner,
As one prays for all wants and needs,
Whatever is desired rains down.

When the nature of mind, the precious wish-fulfilling gem of natural cognizance,
Has reached the pinnacle of realization,
And one persists in this with unwavering familiarity,
Sublime qualities shower down like a great rainfall.

When living beings with faith rely on
The spontaneously perfect three bodies of the Victorious One,
The two kinds of benefit are accomplished in this life and beyond
And sublime qualities abound.

When one relies on the sublime genuine Lama
And prays earnestly to them,
Whatever one wishes for is fulfilled as Dharma,
And all accomplishments are achieved.

This song of four metaphors and eightfold meaning and aspect,
Bringing great fortune and prosperity,
Was composed by the yogi of the Supreme Vehicle,
Longchen Rabjam.

May all limitless beings, by the power of its virtue,
Fully enter the Supreme Vehicle,
Pay respect to the Glorious Protector Lama,
And engage in the Dharma, day and night.

By chanting ‘Oṃ āḥ hūṃ’,
All is truly the enlightened realm of great bliss,
The yoga of boundless vision.

Such a teaching as this, you may practice, or you may well leave alone.
If you apply yourself, there isn’t really anything to do.

The vajra song called The Jewel Sun, composed by The Yogi of the Supreme Vehicle, Longchen Rabjam, to fulfill the request of the one called Namdrol Dawa, is hereby complete.

| Translated by Benedek Bartha, 2022.


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Secondary Sources

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