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Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö

Lords of the Three Families

Lords of the Three Families Thangka Inscription[1]

by Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö

Oṃ svasti!
Through creating this image
Of the vajra-bearing keeper of all the victors’ secret treasury,[2]
Mañjuśrīghoṣa and the holder of the White Lotus,[3]
May Kunga Trinlé’s misdeeds be purified,
And may the door to realms of duḥkha be forever closed.

May he be reborn miraculously in a realm such as
Aṭakāvatī[4] or Sukhāvatī,
And there behold the face of the victorious one.
May he gain the freedoms and advantages in a pure location,
And be rich with the splendours of longevity, Dharma and merit.

Jamyang Chökyi Lodrö offered these verses of aspiration as a recto inscription. May this be a cause for the one who is the object of focus to purify misdeeds and obscurations, escape states that lack freedom, and obtain a pure physical support that is rich with the treasure of virtuous qualities.

| Translated by Adam Pearcey with the generous support of the Khyentse Foundation and Tertön Sogyal Trust, 2022.

Source: 'Jam dbyangs chos kyi blo gros. ’Jam dbyangs chos kyi blo gros kyi gsung 'bum. 12 vols. Bir, H.P.: Khyentse Labrang, 2012. (W1KG12986) Vol. 10: 580–581

Version: 1.0-20220607

  1. The original is untitled; this title has been added by the translator.  ↩

  2. i.e., Vajrapāṇi  ↩

  3. i.e., Avalokiteśvara  ↩

  4. Tib. lcang lo can. The pureland of Vajrapāṇi.  ↩

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