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Lachung Apo


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Aho Ye: When Looking at These Outer Appearances…etc.

by Lachung Apo

Aho ye! When looking at these outer appearances,
They appear as they do and seem so real.
When looking at the essence of the mind within,
It is empty, and yet while empty it appears.
This awareness, which clings to duality in what appears and is imputed,
Is itself deluded and interacts with delusory appearances.
The tongue of rational argument, which clings to reality and delusion,
Is severed by the Great Perfection.
The child of mindfulness and awareness mounts the spyglass
At the summit where liberation and delusion meet,
And, in the fresh experience of not discovering anything tangible,
Sees the Great Perfection.
In the playground of the children of the eight consciousnesses,
Lies the old man with the confidence of familiarity and experience,
Basking in the sun of continuous luminosity —
Perfectly at ease, spacious and relaxed: a la la!

On the evening of the 25th of the ninth month of the Earth Monkey year (1968), while intoxicated by alcohol, this spontaneously slipped from my mouth.

| Translated by Adam Pearcey 2018 with the kind assistance of Khenpo Yeshi.

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