Twelve and a Half Crippled Verses

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Lama Zhang Tsöndrü Drakpa

Lama Zhang Tsöndrü Drakpa

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Twelve and a Half Crippled Verses

by Lama Zhang Tsöndrü Drakpa

Homage to the venerable lord guru and the glorious vajra ḍākinīs!

Human born.
Faculties intact.
Full of youth.
To encounter the Dharma is marvelous!

Superb teachings.
Exalted lineage.
Rich in compassion.
To meet with the master is marvelous!

Grasping the instructions.
Relinquishing work.
Wandering mountains.
To engage in spiritual practice is marvelous!

Abiding alone.
Meditating intensely.
Little hope or fear.
To gain in meditative experience is marvelous!

Resting at ease.
Letting all be.
Beyond fixation.
To glimpse the Dharmakāya is marvelous!

Nothing to cultivate.
Already habituated.
All is made manifest.
To be beyond sessions or breaks is marvelous!

Thoughts are lucid.
Ego dissolves.
To attain the state of awakening is marvelous!

Emptiness realized.
Compassion dawns.
Aspirations fulfilled.
To perform the benefit of others is marvelous!

Beggar-monk Zhang.
Skilled in instructions.
Projections severed.
To be self-reliant is marvelous!

Student disciples.
Full of love.
Ever obedient.
To uphold one’s vows purely is marvelous!

This was a simple song of the beggar-monk Zhang — “Twelve and a Half Crippled Verses”.

| Translated by Lowell Cook, 2020.

Version: 1.2-20230420

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