Advice for Orgyen Rigdzin

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Palyul Choktrul Jampal Gyepe Dorje

Palyul Choktrul Jampal Gyepe Dorje

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Advice for Orgyen Rigdzin

by Palyul Choktrul Jampal Gyepe Dorje

Reflect repeatedly on the rarity of a precious, free and well-favoured human form,
And how difficult it is to find, based on cause, metaphor and numerical statistics.

When you observe that even the vajra form does not endure,
The time of death for these suffering aggregates surely cannot be predicted.

If the lord of victorious ones experiences the effects of positive and negative deeds,
We too will unfailingly encounters the effects of our actions—that is certain.

Inspired, therefore, by the ultimate aim and intention,
Let us, with stable, heartfelt and unshakeable devotion,
View the root guru as an actual buddha
And practise blending the mind indivisibly with his or her wisdom mind.

Do this and you will enter the door to the Dharma,
And the purpose of this human life will be fulfilled.

Written at the request of Orgyen Rigdzin by the one who holds the name of Choktrul.

| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2019.