Advice in Three Sets of Three

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Butön Rinchen Drup

Butön Rinchen Drup

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Advice in Three Sets of Three

by Butön Rinchen Drup (1290–1364)

Namo Buddhāya!

To guard against even the slightest misdeed, as if it were poison,
Though it may be difficult, to strive to practise virtue,
To destroy the source, thoughts of self-clinging—
One who adopts these three is truly wise.

To take others’ misdeeds and suffering upon oneself,
To give away one’s own virtue and happiness to others,
To meditate continually on emptiness and compassion—
One who adopts these three is a bodhisattva.

To know that whatever appears is the deity’s illusory form,
To be aware of bliss, clarity and absence of thought,
To meditate on Guru Yoga, the source of blessings—
One who adopts these three is a mantra adept.

This instruction of crucial points in three sets of three was given by the Lord of Dharma, the Omniscient Butön Rinpoche to Dakpo Rinchen.

| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2016