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Chatral Rinpoche

Chatral Rinpoche, Sangye Dorje

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Introduction to The Excellent Path of Devotion

by Chatral Rinpoche

The English-language translations contained within this new publication—Biography of the Guru [Sera Khandro], Calling the Lama from Afar, and the Prayer to [be reborn in] Palri—were completed by the American woman with stable faith and samaya, as well as pure intention, Sangye Gyalmo, for the favorable practice of those with devotion and aspiration.

May the root of this virtue and pure aspiration be dedicated to the pacification of illness, famine, war, and strife in this world! May all beings have abundant happiness, and ultimately may they realize the expanse of the wisdom ḍākinī, Dewai Dorje’s enlightened mind, and attain liberation simultaneously!

So as not to ignore persistent requests, an aged man who has reached one-hundred years, Chatral Sangye Dorje, expressed this in my home at Yangleshö, Nepal, on the nineteenth day of the fifth Tibetan month, 2012. May virtue prevail!

| Translated by Christina Monson, 2012

Version: 1.1-20210723

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