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Christina Monson (Sangye Gyalmo) was a Tibetan language translator and interpreter who studied and practiced under the guidance of her root master Chatral Rinpoche from 1990 onwards. She held a BA in religious studies from Brown University and a Masters degree in South Asian Studies with a focus on Himalayan and Tibetan Buddhist traditions from The University of Wisconsin-Madison. In 2009 she continued her studies of Tibetan language and Buddhist philosophy at the Rangjung Yeshe Institute of Kathmandu University. She published a translation of the short life story of the great ḍākinī Sera Khandro entitled The Excellent Path of Devotion. She was a member of the Light of Berotsana translation group and also interpreted for classes at the Rigpa Shedra East in Pharping, Nepal for several winters. Her book A Dakini's Counsel: Sera Khandro's Spiritual Advice and Dzogchen Instructions is forthcoming (May 2024) from Snow Lion Publications.

Texts translated into English by Christina Monson

Chatral Rinpoche

Sera Khandro

The treasure-revealer Sera Khandro Dekyong Wangmo wrote this short, six-line prayer to herself for the sake of her followers.

This song of amazement originates in a vision that Sera Khandro had while staying in retreat at Nyimalung in Amdo at the age of twenty-nine. The text is her response to the spirits and demons who appeared to her, asking what she was doing.

This short text in verse offers a clear and concise description of the liberated experience that results from practising the path of the development and completion stages.

Pithy verses of advice on the need to practise the path by letting go of attachment to saṃsāra and, upon the foundation of bodhicitta, meditating intensively in solitude.

Poetic and playful verses on the incredible, seeming paradoxical nature of reality.

Sera Khandro composed this verse autobiography, which is suitable for daily recitation, in 1929, two years after completing a longer, more detailed account of her life. As with many other biographical works in the Tibetan tradition, the story is itself a Dharma teaching, demonstrating the importance of following one’s heart, persevering in the face of difficulties, and cultivating complete trust and devotion

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