Advice from the Vajra Wisdom Consort

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Sera Khandro

Sera Khandro Kunzang Dekyong Wangmo

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Advice from the Vajra Wisdom Consort

by Sera Khandro

Emanation of the triumphant buddhas and their heirs
gone before, present now and still to come,
whose immense kindness surpasses that of the ever-excellent Pemajungney
And who is supreme in all ways – I’ve found you!

From now onward throughout all my lifetimes,
I pray that we may never be apart but remain together always.

Within the effortlessly pure, infinite expanse
of the dharmakāya pure realm of my impure body, speech and mind,
I gaze upon you. Weak are my eyes of wisdom,
such that subtle cognitive obscurations veil clarity of my true nature.

My wish-fulfilling jewel, exceptionally skillful and kind in three ways,
your pith instructions are filled with meaning,
And your oral teachings extraordinarily sublime, like a golden needle.
This profound quintessence of development and completion stage practice,
Has, through your love, now reached me, and with its power,
I have gained clear eyes of wisdom
to see the universe of appearances and possibilities
appearing as a celestial mansion of infinite purity.

Objects of perception, like waves, have become liberated within dharmakāya.

Appearances of form, the infinite purity of the deities’ wisdom body,
have become liberated within dharmakāya, empty awareness,
their creation and dissolution non-conceptual.

The resonance of sound, the infinite purity of wisdom speech,
self-occurring as unborn empty sound, has become liberated as dharmakāya.

Thoughts, the infinite purity of the expanse of luminosity,
have become liberated within dharmakāya, the actualization of purity that has always been.

All-pervasive, mixing and encompassing like the sky,
the nature of space is lord of myriad manifestations:
timeless and self-occurring maṇḍalas that are spontaneously present,
a timeless perfection of purity and ripening where even the label of impurity is gone.

Self-knowing awareness, naturally lucid, is liberated in the ground of the three kāyas.

Its nature, nondual and unchanging like a mountain,
is similar to space where neither bondage nor liberation exist.

Like an ocean, it’s clear and lucid, free from the veils of obscuring factors.
Like the light of the sun, wisdom is luminous in and of itself.

With obscuring clouds of ignorance cleansed within the pure expanse,
remaining in this timeless undeluded state increases as dharmakāya.

Awareness that abides as the ground, the repository of kāyas and wisdom,
becomes manifest as the youthful vase kāya in the inner radiance.

The dual benefit of self and other complete, you awaken within the ground of the result,
and all relative appearances become totally understood within the expanse of reality itself.

Sessions and session breaks gone — everything is equal and free!

This is to become liberated within the vast single sphere of dharmakāya,
and arrive at the primal place of extinction, the blissful vajra.

My fortunate students should perfect in this way
the swift paths of development and completion stage practice.

This was offered with devotion by the vajra wisdom consort
Before the sublime and skillful yogi endowed with twofold purity.

May it be virtuous!

| Translated by Christina Monson, 2020.


Tibetan Edition

kun bzang bde skyong dbang mo. "las ldan bu slob rnams la springs pa'i zhal gdams snying po'i don bsdus" In gsung 'bum/_kun bzang bde skyong dbang mo/. 6 vols. Chengdu: si khron dpe skrun tshogs pa/ si khron mi rigs dpe skrun khang, 2009. (BDRC W1PD108254) Vol. 5: 191–192

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