Lament to Sachen Kunga Nyingpo

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Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö

Sachen Kunga Nyingpo

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Piercing Devotion

A Lament for Lama Sakyapa

by Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö

Oṃ svasti.
Guide throughout existence and peace,
Crown-ornament of all the learned and accomplished,
Omnipresent sovereign Vajradhara,
Great Sakyapa Kunga Nyingpo,
Bodhisattva Splendour-of-Generosity,
Supremely noble Avalokiteśvara in person,
Most affectionate Lotus-in-Hand,
Like a vast ocean of wisdom,
You are none other than Mañjuśrī,
Secret treasury of the vajra vehicle,
Keeper of jewelled riches of the profound and vast,
Leader of the fortunate to supreme accomplishment,
Keeper of secrets, Vajra-in-Hand,
Your single form that multiplies
To benefit beings simultaneously
Through deeds beyond imagining,
In wondrous, unnumbered magical manifestations,
Emanation of the bodhisattvas of the three families,
Progenitor of all unrivalled members
Of the flawless family of Khön,
Gentle lord, great treasury of compassion,
O Sakyapa guru:
I pray to you from the depth of my heart.
Always look upon me with compassion,
Grant your blessings of secret body, speech and mind.
Lead me and all those connected with me
To the realm of great bliss.
Liberate all beings of saṃsāra’s six realms
From the ocean of suffering.
Cause the teachings to spread and holders of the teachings to increase.
Obliterate, through your immense power, those who would harm the teachings,
So that not even their names remain.
Cause perfect happiness and joy
To fill the world like the light of the sun and moon.
O protector, grant your blessings, and make it so.

Chökyi Lodrö wrote this on the 15th day of the ninth month.

| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2019 with the generous support of the Khyentse Foundation and Tertön Sogyal Trust.


Tibetan Edition

'Jam dbyangs chos kyi blo gros. "bla ma sa skya par gdung dbyangs mos gus kyis gzer 'debs/" in ’Jam dbyangs chos kyi blo gros kyi gsung ’bum. 12 vols. Bir: Khyentse Labrang, 2012. W1KG12986 Vol. 8: 527–529

Version: 1.2-20230608

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