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Khenpo Sodargye

Khenpo Sodargye

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  • Khenchen Sonam Dargye
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As the light from Jigme Phuntsok’s wisdom speech immersed you in its rays,

The lotus of your Dharma understanding blossomed, profound and vast,

And your actions to nurture the teachings and beings became extraordinary—

Sublime one, Sonam Dargye, to you I pray:

Bless me so that all clinging to this life’s eight concerns naturally falls away,

And my practice continues for as long as I shall live.

Texts by and about Khenpo Sodargye (mkhan po bsod dar rgyas, b. 1962), one of the foremost disciples of Khenchen Jigme Phuntsok (1933–2004):

Long-Life Prayers


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