In Praise of Three Great Lotsāwas

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Rongtön Sheja Künrig

Kawa Paltsek

Adorning Expression

In Praise of the Three Great Translators

by Rongtön Sheja Künrig

Homage to the guru and supreme deity!

Renowned as Mañjughoṣa’s emanations
And masters of bilingual expression,
The three learned masters by the names of
Yeshé Dé,[1] Lü’i Gyaltsen[2] and Paltsek[3]
Were unique eyes for all the beings of Tibet.[4]

Proficient in all languages and educated to the highest degree,
They skilfully translated infinite Buddha Words and treatises,
And through perfectly gathering the two accumulations,
Mastered an infinite ocean of excellent teachings.

With precise insight developed in their minds
And loving care towards all beings,
They dispelled the darkness of confusion in Tibet,
And as beacons to the world, were fearless and confident.

To these all-conquering masters of communication,
Triumphant splendours of the Sage’s tradition,
A trio of glorious ones proficient in two languages—
With a supremely devoted mind, I offer praise.

Through whatever virtue this might bring,
May we become supreme masters of expression.

The great Rongtön composed this at Pal Nālendra.

| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2022.


Tibetan Edition

shes bya kun rig. gsung 'bum/ shes bya kun rig. gsung 'bum/ shes bya kun rig. skye dgu mdo: gangs ljongs rig rgyan gsung rab par khang, 2004. (BDRC W28942). (BDRC W1PD83960). Volume 1: 40–41.

Version: 1.1-20220809

  1. Nanam Zhang Yeshé Dé (sna nam zhang ye shes sde).  ↩

  2. Chokro Lüi Gyaltsen (cog ro klu'i rgyal mtshan).  ↩

  3. Kawa Paltsek (ska ba dpal brtsegs).  ↩

  4. The term for translator, lotsāwa, is often said to derive from the Sanskrit lokacakṣu meaning 'eyes for the world'.  ↩

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