Rongtön Sheja Künrig Series

Tibetan MastersRongtön Sheja Künrig

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Rongtön Sheja Künrig

Rongtön Sheja Kunrig

Name variants:
  • Rongtön Mawé Sengé
  • Shakya Gyaltsen
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You dwell in the forest of prodigious learning,

Boast a flowing mane of the seven logical treatises,

And are strengthened by affirmation and refutation—

Lion of Speech, Rongtön, at your feet I bow.

Texts by and about Rongtön Sheja Kunrig (rong ston shes bya kun rig), also known as Shakya Gyaltsen, (shakya rgyal mtshan, 1367-1449), who was one of the greatest scholars of the Sakya school and founded Nalendra Monastery in 1436:



Middle Way


Stages of Meditation

Three Gateways to Liberation

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