Advice for Retreat

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Trulshik Rinpoche

Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche

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Advice for Retreat[1]

from Kyabjé Trulshik Rinpoche

Through the wisdom of study, the boundaries of the outer retreat are set.
Through the wisdom of contemplation, the boundaries of the inner retreat are set.
And through the wisdom of meditation, the boundaries of the secret retreat are set. For this, having set a boundary for all thoughts, perceptions of the six senses, and promptings of hope and fear, to settle into an ongoing experience of the untainted vast expanse is the essence of what we call "retreat."[2]

Remaining is the ground;
Unaltered is the path;
Non-obtaining is the fruit;
Hope and fear are the demons.
Struck by wonder, yet all is transparent and clear—this is inexhaustible great bliss.

| Translated from a handwritten manuscript by Adam Pearcey, 2013. First published on Lotsawa House, 2021.

Version: 1.0-20210902

  1. The original text is untitled; this title has been added by the translator.  ↩

  2. In this passage, Trulshik Rinpoche alludes to the literal meaning of the Tibetan term for retreat (mtshams), which means 'boundary' or 'limit'.  ↩

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