Essence of Dependent Origination

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The Wheel of Existence

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The Noble Essence of Dependent Origination

from the Words of the Buddha

In the language of India: Ārya-pratītyasamutpāda-hṛdaya-nāma
In the language of Tibet: 'phags pa rten cing 'brel par 'byung ba'i snying po
In the English language: The Essence of Dependent Origination

Homage to the Buddha, the Blessed One!

All phenomena that originate from causes,
The Tathāgata has taught these causes,
And also that which puts a stop to these causes,
This too has been taught by the Great Śramaṇa.

ye dharmā hetu prabhavā hetun teṣāṃ tathāgato hy avadat
teṣāṃ ca yo nirodha evaṃ vādī mahāśramaṇaḥ

Reciting this essence once will purify all misdeeds and pacify and avert all forms of adversity. An object that is focused upon while reciting this will become a form of the buddha or a support of veneration. An offering that is focused upon while reciting this will become the equivalent of a gift that fills the entire world.

This concludes the Essence of Dependent Origination.

| Translated by Adam Pearcey 2021, with thanks to Stefan Mang and Wiesiek Mical.


Tibetan Edition

"'phags pa rten cing 'brel par 'byung ba'i snying po." in bka’ ’gyur (dpe bsdur ma) [Comparative Edition of the Kangyur], krung go’i bod rig pa zhib ’jug ste gnas kyi bka’ bstan dpe sdur khang (The Tibetan Tripiṭaka Collation Bureau of the China Tibetology Research Center). 108 volumes. Beijing: krung go’i bod rig pa dpe skrun khang (China Tibetology Publishing House), 2006–2009, Vol. 88: p. 117

Version: 1.0-20211202

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