Advice for Gema Tsultrim Drönma

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Adzom Gyalse Gyurme Dorje

Adzom Gyalse Gyurme Dorje

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Advice for Gema Tsultrim Drönma

by Adzom Gyalse Gyurme Dorje

Homage to the compassionate Lord of Sages!
For the fortunate Tsultrim Drönma, I shall briefly set out some words
As a reminder of how to embark upon the path to liberation.
Always keep them in mind!

Taking vows and entering the door of the Vinaya Dharma,
The foundation of the teachings, is to possess good fortune.
Do not allow your observance of vows to be merely superficial
Or insincere, but take care to follow the texts,
Adopting and avoiding with meticulous care—
This will give purpose to the freedom of a human life.
Whatever virtue you carry out, whether tainted or untainted,
Do not spoil it with any thoughts of selfish desire.
Instead cultivate an excellent motivation
For the sake of all sentient beings throughout the whole of space,
With your old mother foremost among them.
Never let your bodhicitta motivation be slight!
The short path of secret mantra is renowned as generation and completion,
But such difficult and profound key points are hard to comprehend.
The pinnacle of vehicles, which includes all the profound key points,
Is the luminous Great Perfection with its instructions on indivisible space and awareness.
Day and night, do not allow your diligence to wane.
This is an infallible teaching; have no doubt about it.
On occasion, train in the four thoughts that reorient the mind
And the six uncommon elements of Dharma practice,
Especially the guru yoga for increasing devotion—this is crucial.
Aside from this, do not become preoccupied: limit your plans.

Through the blessings of the guru, infallible source of refuge,
You will seize the stronghold of the genuine nature in this very life.

Here I have written down whatever came to mind in response to a request saying that this was required. May it prove virtuous!

| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2024.


Tibetan Edition

a 'dzom rgyal sras 'gyur med rdo rje. "dge ma tshul khrims sgron ma la gdams pa" In mkha' 'gro’i chos mdzod chen mo. 53 vols. Lhasa: Bod ljongs bod yig dpe rnying dpe skrun khang, 2017. Vol. 52: 357

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