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Gyarong Khandro


The Prayer of the Wisdom Ḍākinī’s Symbolic Song

by Khandro Dechen Wangmo

Vārāhī in the celestial realm of Manifest Joy,
Mandāravā, flower of the continent of Cāmara,
Once more in human form for the teachings and beings—
Ḍākinī Dechen Wangmo, to you we pray!
oṃ padmo yogini jñāna vārāhī hūṃ

"For the best form of close approach, recite this one hundred million times; for the next best, a million times; and at least, a hundred thousand times." A ḍākinī spoke these words and also said, "If you keep this tightly sealed within the locket of your heart for five human years, you will lead all those with whom you are connected to the realm of vidyādharas, and the benefit of fortunate ones in the human realm who possess a karmic connection will vastly increase."

Watch over us! Watch over us! Ḍākinī Dharmatsandra, watch over us!
Look upon us from the illusory expanse of bliss-emptiness!
Transmit the blessings of the mind-direct transmission of Atiyoga,
The genuine nature of our own rigpa, in the centre of our hearts!
Guru deva ḍākinī sarva siddhi phala hūṃ

Hundreds of thousands of ḍākinīs and vīras uttered praises as if with a single all-pervading voice.

"Now the time has come to return to the human world for the sake of beings there. Since the mother Tsogyal is far kinder than thousands of other ḍākinīs, transmit the close approach practice on a vast scale to disciples with a karmic connection."

With this, the retinue disappeared like an apparition. The chief of the ḍākinīs then said:

May I see the true face of the guru of my own awareness,
Discover the welcoming ḍākinī of naturally arising emptiness,
Gain my own intrinsic power and master the path of rainbow light,
And, in the expanse of perfect equality,
May I and all beings, as vast in number as space itself,
Become indivisible from the Dharma Ḍākinī's wisdom realization
And attain the supreme primordial state!
Ḍākinī sarva siddhi phala hūṃ"

So as not to refuse the requests of samaya-upholding brothers and sisters, the ḍākinī Dharmatsandra wrote down what occurred in her visionary experience.[1] Maṅgalam.

Fortunate awareness-holders who possess a karmic connection,
Through the power of practising the luminous Great Perfection in particular,
With the confident view that saṃsāra and nirvāṇa are non-dual dharmakāya,
As you sustain the faith and meditation that have been made manifest,
Nurture the path of bliss through the dharmic conduct of the Victor’s heirs!

Through this aspiration in words of truth from one who holds the name of a ḍākinī, composed on the basis of the printing by the woodblock-carver Tsewang Chöpel and Jamgya, may the hosts of ḍākinīs make everything harmonious, so that we may encounter the true face of our own awareness, the ultimate Vajravārāhī. May virtue and excellence increase!

| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2023.


Tibetan Edition

d+harma tsan+dra. "ye shes DA ki'i brda dbyangs gsol 'debs" In mkha' 'gro’i chos mdzod chen mo. 53 vols. Lhasa: Bod ljongs bod yig dpe rnying dpe skrun khang, 2017. Vol. 30: 280–281.

Version: 1.0-20230814

  1. A note says that the original text is illegible here.  ↩

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