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Khenpo Gangshar

Khenpo Gangshar

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  • Changchub Dorje
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Texts by the Dzogchen teacher Khenpo Gangshar Wangpo (mkhan po gang shar dbang po, 1925–1958/9), who is known especially for his role as the root teacher of Chögyam Trungpa:



A simple Dzogchen instruction written in verse.

This short song on the view and meditation of the Great Perfection was composed by Shabkar Tsokdruk Rangdrol (1781–1851) but has recently been misattributed to Khenpo Gangshar Wangpo.

A concise instruction pointing out the nature of mind, which Khenpo Gangshar offered to the students of Thrangu Shedrup Dargye Ling in 1957.

Perhaps Khenpo Gangshar's most famous work, this pithy guide to Dzogchen practice includes instructions on the uncommon preliminaries, the analytical meditations of a paṇḍita, and the main practice, which is the resting meditation of a kusulu, as well as how to integrate the practice.

Gangshar Wangpo tells us that he based these verses—which explain how to eliminate obstacles to practice and sustain realization of mind's essential nature—on scripture, the oral instructions of his guru, and his own experience.

The famous yogi Khenpo Gangshar Wangpo likens his composition of this short text of advice on renunciation and the practice of maintaining awareness to an old dog suddenly vomiting gold.

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