Types of Spiritual Song

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Khenpo Shenga

Khenpo Shenpen Nangwa

Types of Spiritual Song

by Khenpo Shenga

In general, there are many types of spiritual song (mgur dbyangs). There are the songs of the spontaneously arisen herukas, which delight the vīras and ḍākinīs. There are dohās of the adepts, which directly reveal the wisdom of realization. There are songs of calling the guru from afar, which invoke the guru's wisdom mind once devotion and compassion have arisen without effort. There are the experiential songs of yogis, which freely express whatever arises in deeper experience. There are joyous songs of realization, which emerge when the creative power of experience and realization develops. There are songs of prevailing over appearance, which derive from a feeling of total fearlessness. There are songs of spacious ease and contentment, which are based on the completion of virtuous activity and the absence of regret. There are contrived songs, which are combined with ideas and feelings. There are songs that express the equality of saṃsāra and nirvāṇa, which are based on a realization of universal equality. And there are many other types besides these.

Of these, your songs are a good example of yogic songs of experience, and in this I rejoice.

May virtue abound!

| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2019.


Tibetan Edition

gzhan phan chos kyi snang ba. zhal gdams 'bel gtam gyi skor. Rewalsar, Distt. Mandi, H.P., India: Zigar Drukpa Kargyud Institute, 1985, p. 91

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