Nyoshul Khenpo Jamyang Dorje

Tibetan MastersNyoshul Khenpo Jamyang Dorje

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Nyoshul Khenpo Jamyang Dorje

Nyoshul Khenpo Jamyang Dorje

Name variants:
  • Nyoshul Khen Rinpoche
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You have perfected all the precious qualities of discipline and learning, and hold all the classes of Buddha’s teaching,

Graced with the blessing of the lama Mañjuśrī, you are a vidyādhara master

Supreme at conveying the definitive secret teaching of Dzogpachenpo—the Vajra Essence.

Glorious lama, at your feet I pray!

Texts by the great Dzogchen teacher and historian Nyoshul Khenpo Jamyang Dorje (smyo shul mkhan po 'jam dbyangs rdo rje, 1932–1999):


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