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Sherab Özer


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Dispeller of All Samaya Corruptions and Pollutions

revealed by Tertön Sherab Özer

Heart Essence!
Heart Essence!
Heart Essence!

When I, Padmasambhava, returned to tame the inhabitants of Zahor, I encountered people whose samayas had lapsed due to harbouring resentment towards friends and holding wrong views. Even though I am the embodiment of the wisdom of the buddhas of the three times, simply catching the same wind that passed over these people caused the miraculous powers amongst my various abilities to become polluted and obscured. At that time, were it not for this profound instruction, I would have been unable to transform the blazing inferno into water. Hence, this most profound heart-essence is rarer even than a buddha. When in the final degenerate age vicious gönpo demons dwell in the hearts of ordinary people, these spirits cause competition for possessions and Dharma; fights between parents, children and relatives; the abolishment of law and order; and the destruction of the Secret Mantra Vajrayāna through impurity and from within. People will pretend to be learned and disciplined while propagating nihilism. The danger of apocalyptic war will terrify people. How sad it is to see the beings of these destitute times with no means! However, when the aspirations of one of the prince's final births and your emanation born into my family line come together, a mirror of pure perception will arise.

Even if you have defeated the demonic hordes of wrong views, antagonistic obstacles will continue to arise because this Dharma is so profound. These obstacles will be overcome if you exert yourself three times each day and night in the crucial and sacred rituals of aversion and replenishment. Thus, apart from samaya pollution, you will be freed from all enemies. This liturgy to thoroughly dispel samaya pollution, called the ‘vidyā-mantra that is vajra-armour’, is the hero that annihilates the lord of death and, during the end of this terrible age, the binding together of the life-span of a vidyādhara. There are many methods to eliminate and guard against samaya pollution found in the hundred great treasures hidden in Tibet, as well as in the millions of minor treasures. Nevertheless, they are not like this, which is only one of a pair. The other is located at Samye Chimphu; it is not ultimate and should never be kept hidden. The present procedure, which is encountered during violent times, was bestowed on me directly by the ḍākinīs. Ask anywhere—it is indeed rare! Transmit it only to those who hold the activities of vidyādharas. Do not spread it widely!

Samaya! Seal! Seal! Seal! Kathaṃ! Kathaṃ! Kathaṃ!

Having taken refuge and generated bodhicitta, instantly,
Upon lotus and sun disc seats,
I meditate upon myself as the great, wrathful Ucchuṣma,
Dark blue in colour and emanating rays of light,
With two hands at my heart displaying the threatening mudrā,
And complete with all the attributes of a wrathful heruka.
Through the emanation and reabsorption of syllables at my three centres,
I invite all the peaceful and wrathful ones and dissolve them into myself.
At my heart, upon a lotus and sun disc,
Is a seed syllable surrounded by the mantra, which whirls like a blazing firebrand.
As I recite the mantra, sparks flicker and shoot out
To burn away completely all harmful lapses and breakages of samaya.

oṃ i ca ṭaya torya torya svāhā |
u ṭa mi ṭaya torya torya svāhā |
mon ṭa krodhaya torya torya svāhā |
a ka krodhaya torya torya svāhā |
a bhu krodhaya torya torya svāhā |
u ta śa ṭaya torya torya svāhā |
e liṅ e ṭaya torya torya svāhā |
la mon ṭaya torya torya svāhā |
a ni pi ni ṭaya torya torya svāhā |
oṃ bhur kur mahāprāṇāya bhur ci bhur ki vimala ucchuṣma krodharāja hūṃ phaṭ torya torya svāhā ||

Ritual for the Vase Consecration and Ablution

Fill a vase made of a precious material with clean water and the twenty-five substances consisting of grains, medicine, and so on. Wrap the neck of the vase with a five-coloured cloth, and ornament its mouth with wood from a fruit-bearing tree. Attach to it the mantra repetition cord. Meditating as above, repeat the mantra and, by means of light rays spreading in all ten directions, collect all the compassion and power of the yidams, ḍākinīs, and dharma protectors. Coiling into the cord, this compassion and power then enter the vase. Consider that the vase overflows with amṛta. Recite the mantra and wash with the vase water, then recite seven times:

‘May the 404 illnesses, the 21,000 adverse conditions, the 340 yedrok spirits, and the 1080 different varieties of obstacles be purified and cleansed!’

This will end samaya pollution and lapses and breakages of samaya. Also, a yogi whose life is running out will obtain a lifespan equal to that of Brahma. For such a person, the eight forms of death will not occur. There are other great virtues to this procedure, too many to mention. Do not spread these instructions now; in the future, during the end times, an emanation of you, Vairocana, who is my son, will be born into a buddhist family. Even if someone insults and injures him, he will protect that person to the end of the earth. This is his previously made aspiration and promise. He will be confident in teaching Dharma and will not have much of a tendency to reify things. Secretly, he will be inseparable from me. For any living being who so much as encounters a gust of wind that passes him by the door to the lower realms will certainly be closed. May this text meet with the one who has such a destiny!

Command seal! Treasure seal! Secret seal! Hidden Seal! Profound seal! Private seal! Entrustment seal! Laywoman, make it invincible! Spread it when the time has come! Samaya! Seal! Seal! Seal! Kathaṃ!

The great treasure revealer Sherab Özer, an emanation of Vairocana, brought this profound Dharma from the temple of Maldro.

| Translated by Ryan Conlon and Stefan Mang, 2019.


Tibetan Edition

'Phreng po gter ston shes rab 'od zer & 'Jam dbyangs mkhyen brtse'i dbang po. "Dam grib nyes pa kun sel." In Rin chen gter mdzod chen mo/ (Vol. 47), 385-409. New Delhi: Shechen Publications, 2007-2008.

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