Tsogyal’s Liberational Life in Brief

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Do Dasel Wangmo

Yeshe Tsogyal

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Tsogyal’s Liberational Life in Brief

by Do Dasel Wangmo

As if the moon that is the countenance of glorious Sarasvatī,
Born from the churning of the luminous ocean of all the buddhas’ wisdom,
Had been reflected in a lake for those to be guided in the Land of Snows—
Yeshe Tsogyal, queen of ḍākinīs, I call you to mind.

Beautiful maiden with the perfect youth of a sixteen-year-old,
Captivating as a goddess, adorned with the signs and marks,
Bride who delighted the King of Dharma in this world,
Tri Songdetsen, Tsangpa Lha’i Metok, Mañjughoṣa’s emanation.

Beloved consort who aroused the wisdom of bliss and emptiness
In the supreme sovereign of an ocean of accomplished vidyādharas,
Padmasambhava, the Teacher’s regent, who was born miraculously
From the heart of a lotus upon an island within Lake Dhanakosha.

You beheld the faces of the deities of Kīla, enlightened activity,
Gained supreme and ordinary siddhis, and even revived a corpse.
With magical powers you liberated tīrthika extremists and Bönpos,[1]
And you led fortunate disciples to the glory of ripening and liberation.

Becoming the equal of the Lord of Oḍḍiyāna himself in your realization,
You travelled to Lotus Light without leaving a physical body behind,
And yet even now you continue to reveal your face directly
To those with appropriate karma and to grant them Dharma teachings.

Foremost of ḍākinīs, Samantabhadrī of the ultimate sphere,
The perfect sambhogakāya, mother Vajravārāhī,
And the supreme nirmāṇakāya, incomparable Kharchen Za—
To you I pray: guide me in your compassion!

May I perceive the true face of the ultimate deity, my own awareness,
Wherein the three kāyas are spontaneously perfect, and thereby awaken,
Then lead all beings, my own mothers, bound by the delusion of duality,
To find release in the primordial dominion of great bliss.

These are mad ravings, I do confess.
Friend, please don’t let it trouble you!

Ha ha! May this prove virtuous!

The venerable Dasel Wangmo wrote this at the request of the devoted student Dodé. May there be virtue!

| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2023.


Tibetan Edition

mdo zla gsal dbang mo. "mtsho rgyal rnam thar nyung bsdus" In rje btsun ma mdo zla gsal dbang mo'i gsung rtsom phyogs bsgrigs, Beijing: mi rigs dpe skrun khang, 2007. pp. 156–157

Version: 1.0-20230311

  1. Reading mi stegs as mu stegs  ↩

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