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Do Dasel Wangmo


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The Flourishing Splendour of Intelligence

In Praise of Mañjuśrī

by Do Dasel Wangmo

In the sky before me, amidst billowing white clouds,
At the heart of a canopy of rainbow-coloured rays of light,
Upon lotus and moon, is the embodiment of all the buddhas’ wisdom,
Glowing orange and youthful with the signs and marks.
In his hand he holds the treasure that cuts through delusion’s web,
A dark blue sword ablaze with the flames of pristine knowing.
To signify his comprehension of all the Dharma, profound and vast,
He holds an utpala upon which there lies a volume of scripture.
He wears the jewel ornaments and silken garments.
Handsome and youthful, he is forever delightful to behold.
Magnificent repository of wisdom beyond imagining,
It is due to my stubborn obscurations from the past
That I fail to see your face, O supreme deity of deities.
As I’m confined within existence, bound by the chains of confusion.
Now is the time—take hold of me with your wisdom and compassion!
Let the sunlight of your knowledge dispel the darkness in my mind!
Let the force of merit banish the troubles of all beings,
And expand the light of intelligence and confidence,
Unimpeded in its application to all knowable things.

Written by Dasel.

| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2023.


Tibetan Edition

mdo zla gsal dbang mo. "'jam dpal bstod pa blo gros dpal bskyed" In rje btsun ma mdo zla gsal dbang mo'i gsung rtsom phyogs bsgrigs, Beijing: mi rigs dpe skrun khang, 2007. p. 146

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