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Fifteenth Karmapa

Amitābha, Buddha of Boundless Light

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Verso Inscription on an Image of the Pure Land of Great Bliss

by the Fifteenth Karmapa, Khakyab Dorje

Embodiment arising from the light rays of compassion
Of the ocean of Victorious Ones throughout the three times,
Teacher and Victorious One, Amitābha,
Together with emanated bodhisattvas, male and female,
And many billions of assembled śrāvakas,
All of you who have true compassion,
Please look upon us with your great wisdom!
In accordance with the pledge you made before,
Protect me and all infinite sentient beings
From the fears of the lower realms of saṃsāra,
Liberate our outer and inner sufferings into space,
And having benefitted us and others spontaneously,
Please make us inseparable from you
Within the space of the great bliss of immortality.

Pal Karmapa wrote this at the request of Nyenpön Chimé. 

| Translated by Abraham Ta-Quan, 2020.

Source: mkha' khyab rdo rje. "bde chen zhin bkod kyi rgyab byang du/" In gsung 'bum/_mkha' khyab rdo rje/ dpal spungs par ma/. 10 vols. Delhi: Konchhog Lhadrepa, 1993–94. (BDRC W22081). Vol. 10: 778–779

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