Advice for Satsa Drupgen

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Khenchen Tashi Özer

Khenchen Tashi Özer

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Advice for Satsa Drupgen

by Khenchen Tashi Özer

Homage to the lama!

Since it's difficult to obtain a human form, don't squander it and die lamenting. Since its time is uncertain, act in a virtuous way right now, and be forever without regret!

To be born as a human once again, take and hold well the one-day precepts, and continually recite the six syllables of Tibet’s sovereign deity.

The root of meditation is mind looking at itself:

If you can’t find anything at all, simply rest within the experience.
If wild thoughts accost you, simply look at their nature –
If they vanish, simply rest within the experience.
If you suddenly feel the meditation has vanished, don’t wonder where it may have gone, just look…
If you wonder, ‘where’s it gone?’ Simply rest in that thought.

To stare for too long will cause a darkening or dulling of the mind; as such, look only for short periods, many times.

Eventually, when death befalls you and the outer breath ceases, you will be able to recognize the dawning of empty-clarity.

And at all times and in all situations reflect upon the ease with which you can be born in Sukhāvatī and the great benefits involved: pray continually to be born there!

Sarva maṅgalam. May all be auspicious!

| Translated by Sean Price, 2016.

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