Khyenrab Chökyi Özer Series

Tibetan MastersKhyenrab Chökyi Özer

English (4) | བོད་ཡིག (4)

Khyenrab Chökyi Özer

Khyenrab Chökyi Özer

Name variants:
  • Jamyang Khyenrab
  • Lodrö Lekshé Gyatso
  • Öntö Khyenrab
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Texts by and about the learned Sakya scholar Khyenrab Chökyi Özer (mkhyen rab chos kyi 'od zer, 1889–1959), the student of Khenpo Shenpen Nangwa and his successor at the scriptural colleges of both Dzongsar and Palpung.


Long-Life Prayers

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