Gatön Ngawang Lekpa Series

Tibetan MastersGatön Ngawang Lekpa

English (16) | བོད་ཡིག (16)

Gatön Ngawang Lekpa

Gatön Ngawang Lekpa

Name variants:
  • Gatön Vāgindra
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Holding the oceanic treasury of the profound and secret aural lineage

Of the lords of speech, Mañjughoṣas of the Sakya tradition,

You are without equal in creating a feast of excellent explanation,

Glorious guru, at your feet I pray!

Texts by and about the Sakya lama Gatön Ngawang Lekpa (sga ston ngag dbang legs pa, 1864–1941) of Tharlam Monastery, one of the foremost Lamdré (lam ’bras) teachers of recent times:


Aspiration Prayers

Guru Yoga

Lineage Prayers

Long-Life Prayers



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