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Mipham Rinpoche

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༄༅། །རྒྱ་ནག་སྐག་ཟློག་བསྡུས་པ་བཞུགས་སོ།།

A Brief Version of the 'Chinese' Practice of Averting Periodic Obstacles1

by Mipham Rinpoche


སྨྲ་བའི་སེངྒེས་བདག་རྒྱུད་བྱིན་གྱིས་རློབས། །

mawé sengé dak gyü chin gyi lop

Lion of Speech,2 inspire us with your blessings!

སྲི་ཀེག་ཐན་ལྟས་ངན་པ་བསྒྱུར་དུ་གསོལ། །

si kek ten té ngenpa gyur du sol

We request you: transform si demons, periodic obstacles,3 bad signs and evil omens!

རྒྱལ་པོའི་ཆད་པ་ཕས་ཀྱི་འཇིགས་པ་སོགས། །

gyalpö chépa pé kyi jikpa sok

And avert all punishment by decree, dangers caused by adversaries,

མཚང་འབྲུ་རྩོད་དང་རྒོལ་བ་བཟློག་ཏུ་གསོལ། །

tsang dru tsö dang gölwa dok tu sol

Exposure of faults, and disagreement and dispute, we pray!


| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2017.


Version: 1.2-20220318

  1. There is some disagreement about why this practice is referred to as Chinese. In its fuller form it makes use of the Chinese astrological system (nag rtsis). It has also been suggested that the name derives from the fact that the fuller dhāraṇī was originally translated into Chinese. The full text is here: https://www.lotsawahouse.org/words-of-the-buddha/averting-periodic-obstacles
  2. A form of Mañjuśrī.
  3. That is, obstacles associated with a particular period of time.
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