Averting Obstacles

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Siṃhamukhā, the lion-faced ḍākinī

Further Information:

A series of apotropaic practices and rites for averting obstacles and dispelling negativity:

This is a prayer for the modern age, or kaliyuga, calling upon Buddha Śākyamuni, Guru Padmasambhava and all enlightened deities, gurus and protectors, in order to transform the minds of those in positions of power, so that terrible weapons of war may be eradicated, and the threats they pose to Dharma and living beings removed, allowing peace to reign throughout the world.

This daily 'hand-clapping' (thal rdeb) practice of the lion-faced ḍākinī Siṃhamukhā/Siṃhavaktrā (seng gdong ma) is particularly associated with the elimination of adversity, threats and dangers.

This four-line apotropaic prayer is addressed to the deities of the Vajrakīla maṇḍala, requesting that they avert all forms of obstacle and harm.

A short practice requesting Sitātapatrā (gdugs dkar) to come to the aid of practitioners and avert or repel (zlog pa) all forms of obstacle and misfortune.

A summary of the fuller dhāraṇī which was spoken by Mañjuśrī and is included within the Compendium of Dhāraṇīs (gzungs bsdus), this is a practice for averting obstacles linked to particular moments in time.

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