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Tertön Sogyal

Tertön Sogyal Lerab Lingpa

Name variants:
  • Nyala Sogyal
  • Orgyen Lerab Lingpa
  • Sonam Gyalpo
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Both Padmasambhava, who embodies all gurus, devas and ḍākinīs,

And your supreme and special deity Vajrakumāra (Vajrakīlaya),

Hold you close to their hearts; you are the vidyādhara who reveals the profound termas,

Lerab Lingpa, to you I pray!

Texts by and about the famous treasure-revealer and teacher of the Thirteenth Dalai Lama, Tertön Sogyal Lerab Lingpa (gter ston bsod rgyal las rab gling pa, 1856-1926):


Aspiration Prayers

Dharma Protectors


Fire Offering

Guru Yoga

Lineage Prayers

Long-Life Prayers






Vajra Guru Mantra


This fire-offering liturgy for the Yang Nying Pudri cycle of Vajrakīlaya practice was revealed in 1895 and deciphered two years later in Kongpo. The text's colophon is of historical significance as it lists some of the people present for the original revelation at Dzongshö Deshek Düpa.

This inventory (thems yig) provides key details of the Razor of the Innermost Essence (yang snying spu gri), including a list of all texts in the cycle, and important information for the tertön concerning its revelation.

For this prayer from the Vajrakīlaya cycle known as Yang Zab Nyingpo (Deepest Heart-Essence), the practitioner assumes the form of the deity Vajrakīlaya and prays to Guru Padmākara and consort, who are visualized above the head.

From the Vajrakīlaya cycle known as Yang Zab Nyingpo (Deepest Heart-Essence), this is the descent of blessings (byin 'bebs).

This liturgy for the expulsion of obstacles (bzlog pa) takes the ultimate perspective, according to which all forms of negativity are dispelled within the basic space of the dharmadhātu.

This brief Vajrakīlaya sādhana, complete with tsok offering, was revealed as a terma at Katok Monastery.

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