Essence of 84000 Dharma Approaches

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Mipham Rinpoche

Ju Mipham Namgyal Gyatso

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Essence of the 84000 Approaches to the Dharma

by Mipham Rinpoche

All 84,000 approaches to the Dharma
Are included within Atiyoga, the Great Perfection.
The crucial points of the Atiyoga path
Boil down to naturally arising wisdom.
The primordially unborn nature of mind
Is unceasing, self-radiant and unfabricated.
Wisdom is to recognize one’s own nature
On the basis of the lama's instructions.
The unique sphere, the dharmadhātu,
Which is the nature of all phenomena,
Is the unsurpassable wisdom of non-duality,
The supreme, most splendid form of Mañjuśrī.

Mañjuśrīvajra composed this on the ninth day of the fourth month in the year of the Fire Monkey. Virtue.

| Translated by Abraham Ta-Quan and Adam Pearcey, 2019.

Version: 1.2-20230524

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