In This Pure Awareness

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Khenpo Shenga

Khenpo Shenpen Nangwa

In This Pure Awareness

by Khenpo Shenga

In this pure awareness without basis or origin,
How tiresome it seems to practise dos and don'ts!

In this present awareness in which whatever arises is freed by itself,
How tedious it seems to cling to notions of defilement and antidote!

In this spontaneous, naturally present meditation,
How exhausting it seems to cultivate mental fixation!

In this state of great bliss that is primordial and innate,
How misguided it seems to rely upon a physical consort!

In this natural, spontaneous perfection of the three doors,
How distracting it seems to contemplate artificial maṇḍalas!

I spoke these verses to myself.

| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2019.


Tibetan Edition

gzhan phan chos kyi snang ba. rje btsun bla ma thams cad mkhyen gzigs gzhan phan chos kyi snang ba'i mnyam bzhes rtogs mgur skor. Dar-rtse-mdo, 1993, p. 252

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