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Longchen Rabjam

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The Essence of Luminosity

Inventory to the Lama Yangtik

by Longchen Rabjam

Homage to glorious Samantabhadra!

Glorious master of the profound and vast, perfect in all aspects,
Nāga-king of knowledge and love, wish-fulfilling treasure of liberation,
Your compassionate waves pervade the whole of existence and peace—
To the unprecedented victorious one Glacial Ocean, I bow.

Among the vast secret teachings of the buddhas,
This, the path of clear light, the definitive essence,
Drawn from the many secret heart-essence texts,
A quintessential wish-granting jewel, I shall now clarify.

The most utterly profound key points are contained herein,
To revealing and make explicit the most profound teaching
Of the Sage of supreme attributes and unsurpassed assurance:
The history, Clouds Trilogy and empowerments,
The Ocean Trilogy and the Instructional Trilogy,
Supporting Text Trilogy and Supplemental Trilogy,
The Cloud-Bank Trilogy and Lamp Trilogy
The Nectar Trilogy and Wheel Trilogy,
Hindrance-Dispelling Trilogy and Jewel Trilogy,
The Essence Trilogy and Mirror Trilogy,
The Aural Transmission Trilogy and Razor Trilogy.[1]
These bring the twofold benefit in abundance.
What follows are the excellent explanations
Of the purpose of each, so keep them in mind.

The history called The Jewel Rosary demonstrates
The wonder and trustworthiness of the definitive teachings.

The Clouds Trilogy creates a river of attainments.
The Clouds of Blessings homage to the lineage
Spontaneously accomplishes vast stores of merit and wisdom.
The Clouds of Wish-Fulfilment prayer to the lineage
Causes boundless blessings and realization to arise within the mind.
The Clouds of Twofold Accumulation maṇḍala offering
Connects to the three-kāya path the two accumulations and purifying obscurations.
Therefore, these are key preliminaries to all,
And, since they are so crucial, should be constantly applied.

The fourfold empowerment rite serves to mature the fortunate.
The four key instruction texts supplement what is incomplete.

The elaborate vase empowerment brings attainment of the vajra body
And mastery of the meaning of the union of generation and perfection.
Its key instruction text on the various categories of names[2]
Clarifies the names associated with the five facets of primordial wisdom.

The unelaborate secret empowerment brings attainment of vajra speech
And mastery of the syllable chakra that induces the warmth of wisdom.
Its key instruction text on the descent of wisdom
Brings the blessings of guru, yidam and ḍākinī.

The extremely unelaborate knowledge-wisdom empowerment
Brings attainment of vajra mind and access to the meaning of great bliss.
Its key instruction, Adornment of the Four Continents,
Brings enjoyment of the four kāyas and twenty-five aspects of wisdom.

The utterly unelaborate precious word empowerment
Brings attainment of primordial wisdom and leads to the state of primordial exhaustion.
Its key instruction, The Wish-Fulfilling Web,
Spontaneously completes the twofold accumulations and brings enjoyment of the three-kāya realm.

Therefore, since these serve to bring the ground itself to maturity,
It is crucial to purify the mind through the river of empowerment.

The Ocean Trilogy brings the swift attainment of siddhis.
Within this, the Ocean of Liberation on Samaya
Delineates what to adopt and avoid in order to purify the mindstream.
The Wish-Fulfilling Ocean on Tsok Offering
Brings twofold accumulation and attainment of the two kind of siddhi.
The Ocean of Siddhis on Guru Service
Causes infinite blessings and realization to dawn within the mind.
Therefore, these works are of the utmost importance.

The Essential Instruction Trilogy brings liberation after ripening.
The Essential Instruction on the Preliminary, Sevenfold Mind Training
Functions as a stepladder for accessing the higher meaning.
The Essential Instruction on the Main Practice, the Luminous Essence
Brings direct access to the meaning of the essence of the sugatas.
The Essential Instruction on Trekchö, Revitalization in the Primordial State
Eliminates misconceptions and clinging to extremes within the natural condition.
Therefore, these works are just like the heart.

The Supporting Text Trilogy generates confidence in the practice.
The Supporting Text on Trekchö: Immaculate Sky
Removes hopes and fears about non-duality and rootlessness.
The Supporting Text on Tögal: Sun, Moon and Constellations
Brings attainment of the stronghold in which the self-appearance of luminosity increases.
The Supporting Text on Liberation Upon Wearing, Spontaneous Fulfilment of Wishes
Is an aid to direct realization, progress and liberation in the bardo.
Therefore, these texts are extremely important.

The Supplement Trilogy unerringly reveals the crucial points.
The Trekchö Supplement: Vast Expanse of Space
Reveals the oneness that is uncreated and primordial.
The Tögal Supplement: Clear Expanse of Space
Reveals the essential points of direct practice.
The Supplement to Both: Vast Expanse of Space
Explains direct wisdom in accordance with scripture.
Therefore, these three rare texts
Are indispensable and of vital importance,
So plant them in the centre of your heart. Samaya!

The Cloud-Bank Trilogy provides supplemental instructions for methods of union,
A means of elevating those with inferior faculties to a higher level.
The Cloud-Banks of Bliss-Emptiness Nectar
Induces union with great luminosity in an experience of great bliss.
The Cloud-Banks of Wisdom: the Practice of Prāṇa
Induces the experience of luminosity, non-dual clarity and emptiness.
The Cloud-Banks of Non-Conceptual Space
Induces the great dharmatā luminosity beyond the ordinary mind.
Therefore, these three rare texts
Provide crucial assistance to direct meditation.

The Lamp Trilogy reveals the most profound key points.
The Wisdom Lamp of Ground Appearance
Clearly reveals how the original nature unfolds.
The Luminous Lamp Clarifying the Meaning of Examples
Reveals the the essence of the practice of the ground, path and fruition.
The Lamp of the Key Points of Practice
Reveals the methods for applying the key points of essential wisdom.
These three texts are extremely important.
Since they are as indispensable as the heart or eyes,
Bring them together by relating one to another.
For the fortunate practitioners who combine them
They are like a filigree of turquoise upon precious gold.
They spontaneous bring whatever one wishes for,
And thus these key instructions are of paramount importance.

The Nectar Trilogy reveals the essence of the practice.
The guru sādhana, The Tree of Nectar,
Accomplishes the aims of this and future lives and gathers clouds of attainments.
The Immaculate Nectar shows the keys to Trekchö and Tögal
And how to apply key points in relation to four periods of time.
The King of Nectar is for making a path of yogic discipline
And liberating adverse experiences—sickness and harmful spirits—into dharmatā
By showing how awakening has always been beyond acceptance and rejection.
On account of their great secret key points, these three texts
Are indispensable as aids to the accomplishment of practice.
Without such keys, even if you were to practise direct meditation
It would never bring the genuine realization of the victorious ones.
Therefore, apply yourself assiduously to what is found herein.

The Wheel Trilogy brings continuous union with clear light.
The Secret Dharmatā Wheel of the Three Crucial Points
Reveals the essence of the key points of posture and gaze.
The Luminosity Wheel Beyond the Duality of Day and Night
Cuts the continuity of habitual patterns, while awake and in dreams.
The Wisdom Wheel That Encapsulates What Is Most Profound
Clarifies the sequence of meditative absorption during the day and night.
These three texts bring points together in few words,
As if extracting the core of the practice and laying it out,
So let them be imprinted in the red treasury of the heart
And always regard them as deeply familiar companions.

The Hindrance-Dispelling Trilogy enables completion of the practice.
The Ambrosial Tree That Dispels Hindrances of the Body
Eliminates sickness of the four elements and balances the subtle constitution.
The Illuminating Lamp That Dispels Hindrances of the Doors
Explains the methods for treating the eyes, doorways to the arising of clear light.
The Immaculate Wisdom That Dispels Hindrances of the Mind
Eliminates faults in samādhi and reveals the wisdom of rigpa.
Since these three texts are indispensable,
Cherish them as dear companions to the practice.

The Jewel Trilogy brings supreme and common attainments.
The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel of the Heart-Practice of the Guru
Confers the blessings and attainments of the realizing view and meditation.
The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel of the Heart-Practice of the Yidam
Brings the attainment of immortal life.
The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel of the Heart-Practice of the Ḍākinī
Secures twofold benefit through the four types of activity.
Therefore, since these three exceptional texts
Are indispensable as aids to accomplishment,
Meditate upon them constantly during the four sessions of the day and night.
In this way, hindrances and obstacles will be pacified
And you will swiftly gain supreme and common siddhis.

The Essence Trilogy conveys the most profound essential meaning.
The supreme Definitive Essence of Awakening
Immediately brings the dawning of the clear light of samādhi.
The most profound Ultimate Wish-Fulfilling Essence
Transforms adversity into the path, leading to the singular expanse of bliss.
The most profound Transference: The Essence of Clear Light
Brings union with the primordial state free from the terrors of the bardo.
Since these three texts are the ultimate distillation
Of the tantras, commentaries and instructions of the Secret Heart-Essence,
Do not reveal them to others but joyfully make them an ally.
Stamp them with the secret seal in the glorious knot of eternity in the heart,
And diligently apply them day and night—this is crucial.

The Mirror Trilogy secures the purpose of this and future lives.
The Mindfulness Mirror of Introduction
Brings confidence during this life and liberation in the bardo.
The Mindfulness Mirror That Clarifies Indications of Death
Identifies the time when a yogi must abandon the aggregates.
The Mindfulness Mirror of the Most Profound Death Ransom
Reveals phenomena of this life that prolong the freedoms and advantages.
Since these three texts of great secret methods
Are important aids to accomplishment, hold them in mind.

These are the written records of the oral transmission,
The unsurpassed instructions from the illustrative transmission,
And primarily reveal key points for gaining liberation in the lifetime.
The fortunate should therefore strive to apply them day and night.

The secret oral transmission for which there are no written texts
Is the actual oral transmission belonging to the same system,
And primarily reveals the techniques for gaining liberation in the bardo.
Even though it is called the cycle of the secret essence,
The Conch-Lettered says that there is a connection.
Therefore, this instruction of the great secret meaning
Should be cherished as an indispensable aid to the heart-essence.

The Oral Transmission Trilogy sets out the instructions for the bardos.
The Minor Oral Transmission of Self-Manifest Wisdom
Primarily clarifies the practice for the present.
The Intermediate Oral Transmission of Self-Manifest Luminosity
Clarifies the instructions for identifying the bardo experiences.
The Major Oral Transmission of Self-Manifest Definitive Meaning
Clarifies the teachings that support all that the other texts discuss.
These three texts upon the great secret meaning
Are extremely important as an interconnected whole.

These days especially, as this oral transmission is so profound,
Put this deep, essential meaning into practice
And you are sure to master the essential clear light of the bardo.

To guard this Dharma treasury consisting of such texts,
The victorious ones and vidyādharas have appointed
An unfathomable ocean of oath-bound protectors,
But mainly to guard the words of this definitive great secret,
The Heart-Razor Secret Rite of the Mamos
Wreaks havoc on those who obstruct us and the protection of Dharma.
The Poisoned Razor Secret Rite of Za Rāhula
Crushes to dust and annihilates enemies and hostile forces.
The Life-Force Razor Secret Rite of Damchen
Liberates harmful enemies through direct wrathful intervention.

Therefore, since these three exceptional sādhana texts
Are arranged as advice, raw guidance and practice,
Do not leave them as books, but strive to apply recitation and practice.
Through constant offering, praise and propitiation.
You will swiftly accomplish whatever you wish.

I trained in the past, pleased the guru,
And developed some understanding of the tantras, commentaries and pith instructions.
I know all the terms and their meaning and have seen the key points of the practical instructions.
I understand all the topics of the outer and inner tenet systems.
I know the great esoteric points of Secret Mantra in Sarma and Nyingma.
Therefore, I am well versed in this approach of the definitive essence.
The supremely secret Great Perfection in particular
Has the sovereign Seventeen Tantras of the definitive great secret
And the 119 pith instructions that relate to them.

Here, in the kingly Wish-Fulfilling Jewel Quintessence,
As the concentrated essence of the four extremely profound volumes,
In few words, bringing everything together,
I have created fifty-one sections of the teaching.

In this, all the profound key points are revealed.
Let all the fortunate of the future, who apply the instructions,
Preserve this, nothing more and nothing less.
If the collection is extended or reduced, it will be corrupted,
So it is crucial that it should accord with the main listing.

Even though the essential instructions of the past suffice,
They are numerous and the whole teaching is rarely seen.
They are not combined but manifold and hard to realize.

Therefore, now, when life is short and resources limited,
For the sake of fortunate, enthusiastic Dharma practitioners,
I have clarified the Wish-Fulfilling Jewel Quintessence,
Key to realization through seeing the concise and effective.

I, Longchen Rabjam Zangpö Tsemo,
A yogin of the natural Great Perfection,
Have excellently set out this mode of Dharma,
The essence of sun-like luminosity, on the slopes of Gangri Thökar.

The fifty-one sections of the teachings outlines in this inventory
Are hereby entrusted to the vidyādhara gurus and ḍākinīs,
As well as the ocean of oath-bound ones who obey commands.
In particular, they are entrusted to the three splendid, mighty ones:
The wrathful dark maroon queen Ekajaṭī,
The great sage and supreme planetary spirit Rāhula,
And the oath-bound being Vajrasādhu (Damchen Dorje Lekpa).

When disloyal beings of the future reduce these works,
Impose changes upon them or corrupt the text,
Proclaim them to all and violate bonds of secrecy,
Enact harsh punishment according to your solemn pledge:
Extract their hearts, remove their sight and send all that is unpleasant.
But offer guidance and support to fortunate followers.

Through the virtue of this, may all those in the three realms of existence
Cross over, all at once, the ocean of saṃsāra,
And spontaneously arrive at the primordial ground of
The great blissful Samantabhadra, sovereign of the dharmadhātu.

This concludes the inventory entitled Essence of Luminosity, composed at the secluded place of Orgyen Dzong on the slopes of Gangri Thökar, where glorious gods descend from heaven, by Longchen Rabjam, a yogin of the supreme vehicle.

This was composed in response to a request
From the excellent student Zhönnu Sangye.
Generate devotion and offer heartfelt prayer.
Boundless blessings and realization will arise from within.
As everyone laughs in the great performance of illusion,
Ha! Ha! Let the mind burst into laughter too.

Let it be virtuous! Virtuous! Virtuous!

| Translated by Adam Pearcey with the generous support of the Tsadra Foundation, 2024.


Tibetan Edition

klong chen rab 'byams pa dri med 'od zer. "kha byang 'od gsal snying po" In snying thig ya bzhi. 13 vols. Delhi: Sherab Gyaltsen Lama, 1975. Vol. 2: 465–481 (8 folios)

Version: 1.3-20240514

  1. Later in the text, Longchenpa refers to the fifty-one sections of the collection. This would seem to refer to the fifteen trilogies listed here, plus the history and empowerment and four key instruction texts. Note that in the shorter inventory to the Lama Yangtik, Circle of the Sun, the final trilogy is referred to not as the Razor Trilogy but as the Trilogy of the Heart-Fragment Sādhanas.  ↩

  2. See Clarification of the Names for the Elaborate Maṇḍala  ↩

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