The Fivefold Practice

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Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa

Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa

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The Fivefold Practice[1]

from The Essential Amrita of Profound Meaning: Oral Instructions and Practical Advice Bestowed Upon Fortunate Followers, Eye-opener to What is to be Adopted and Abandoned

by Chokgyur Lingpa

For the preliminaries, thoroughly cultivate loving kindness and compassion.
For the main practice of faith, generation stage, and non-concept,
Engender devotion to the guru, the buddha in person,
And understand your own body to be the deity’s form, speech, and heart.
When the observer rests in the immediacy of awareness,
Remain in the non-conceptual, non-dual empty clarity;
Free from fixation, no matter what appearances unobstructedly arise.
Afterwards, dedicate the two accumulations toward great awakening.
This fivefold practice is the heart of the path.[2]

This was written by the Drikung follower, Könchok,
Also known as Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa.

| Samye Translations, 2023.


Source text

mchog gyur gling pa, “rjes 'jug skal bzang rnams la bstsal pa’i zhal gdams bslab bya nyams len gyi skor spang blang mig 'byed zab don snying gi bdud rtsi.” In mchog gling bka’ ’bum skor. Vol. 36 of mChog gling bde chen zhig po gling pa yi zab gter yid bzhin nor bu’i mdzod chen po, 90. Kathmandu, Nepal: Ka-nying Shedrub Ling monastery, 2004.

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  1. The original text is untitled; this title has been added by the translators.  ↩

  2. This is the fivefold practice of Mahāmudrā that is unique to the Drikung Kagyü school: train in bodhicitta, visualize your body as the deity, visualize the guru as the deity, train in the non-conceptual view, and seal with dedications and aspirations.  ↩

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