Mahāmudrā Series

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Buddha Vajradhara

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Lotsawa House presents the following texts on the subject of Mahāmudrā (phyag chen) or the 'Great Seal':


The author makes a distinction between “instructions that apply more generally” and “teachings that are intended for specific individuals” in order to argue for a gradualist approach that culminates in Mahāmudrā or Dzogchen for all but those of the very sharpest faculties (who are able to proceed to the highest teachings directly).

Drawn from the collection of advice called Ambrosia of the Heart (snying gi bdud rtsi) this brief text offers a very simple guide to practising Mahāmudrā.

This brief explanation of how to meditate on the Mahāmudrā of the innate (lhan skyes phyag chen) on the path of liberation (grol lam) is taken from the Ambrosia of the Heart collection of advice.

In this text Jamgön Kongtrul, referring to himself as a "kusāli"—a virtuous beggar—offers instruction on how to sustain an experience of the essential nature of mind in meditation.

Basic instructions on the preliminary contemplations of the rarity of the freedoms and opportunities, impermanence, karma and the sufferings of saṃsāra, followed by a simple explanation of the ground, path and fruition according to Mahāmudrā.

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