Nyangral Nyima Özer Series

Tibetan MastersNyangral Nyima Özer

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Nyangral Nyima Özer

Nyangral Nyima Özer

Name variants:
  • Ngadak Nyang
  • Nyang Ralpachen
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Body emanation of King Tri Songdetsen, born in Lhodrak Tamshul,

From Sinbar and Khoting you revealed the Great Compassionate One, Embodiment of Sugatas

And other treasures of profound Dharma, supreme forefather,

Nyangrel Nyima Özer, to you I pay homage!

Texts composed or revealed by the important tertön Nyangral Nyima Özer (nyang ral nyi ma 'od zer, 1124–1192):


Lineage Prayers


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