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Thangtong Gyalpo

Thangtong Gyalpo

Name variants:
  • Chakzampa
  • Tsöndrü Zangpo
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Great Compassionate One in person, self-arisen Lord of Siddhas,

You revealed many ancient treasures and concealed more for the future,

And, with your miraculous powers, you tamed the most difficult of disciples,

Immortal Thangtong Gyalpo, to you I pay homage!

Texts by and about the great siddha and bridge-builder Thangtong Gyalpo (thang stong rgyal po, 1361?–1485):

Calling the Guru from Afar

Lineage Prayers



First spoken in the presence of the sacred Jowo Rinpoche statue in Lhasa, this prayer of aspiration is credited with ending a famine that affected Tibet, especially Kham, in 1437.

This prayer to alleviate the terrors of conflict was spoken by the great siddha Thangtong Gyalpo at a time when war ravaged Minyak in eastern Tibet. Such was the power of his words, it is said, the conflict instantly came to an end, and peace and prosperity reigned.

Khyentse Wangpo composed this five-verse supplication prayer to Thangtong Gyalpo at the request of the Eighth Sangye Nyentrul Rinpoche by combining and supplementing previous prayers.

This four-line prayer of taking refuge is known as "Mothers, Infinite as Space" (ma nam mkha' ma'i skyabs 'gro). It was first revealed to Ka Ngapa Paljor Sherab (bka' lnga pa dpal 'byor shes rab), in a vision he had of Avalokiteśvara, and then transmitted to Thangtong Gyalpo, for whom it was intended.

This prayer is said to have ended a virulent epidemic which had swept through the famous monastery-town of Sakya, proving effective where all other measures, including tantric rituals, had failed.

Thangtong Gyalpo recalled this supplication to Noble Avalokiteśvara from the devotional practices of a previous lifetime as the bhikṣu Padma Karpo.


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