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Until I realize the essence of enlightenment,

I take refuge in the buddhas,

And likewise in the Dharma,

And the assembly of bodhisattvas.

Texts related to the practice of taking refuge (skyabs 'gro):




These verses taken from the Vajrapañjara Tantra, which are often recited as part of longer rituals and practices, include lines for taking refuge and generating bodhicitta.

A single-verse prayer for taking refuge in the guru as the embodiment of all other sources of refuge, on the outer, inner and secret levels.

This famous Kagyü prayer of taking refuge consists of four lines, each of which begins with the phrase, "All mother sentient beings as infinite as space..." (ma nam mkha' dang mnyam pa'i sems can thams cad...). This particular version of the prayer is from the oral tradition of Drogön Tsangpa Gyare (1161–1211) as recorded by Götsangpa (1189–1258).

Extracted from Śākyaśrībhadra's Seven Branches for Practising the Sacred Dharma (Saptāṅgasaddharmacaryāvatāra), these verses for taking refuge and generating bodhicitta are often recited independently of their original source.

Three verses for taking refuge, generating bodhicitta and offering hearfelt prayer, composed at Mount Kailash for a student named Lobzang Gelek.

This four-line prayer of taking refuge is known as "Mothers, Infinite as Space" (ma nam mkha' ma'i skyabs 'gro). It was first revealed to Ka Ngapa Paljor Sherab (bka' lnga pa dpal 'byor shes rab), in a vision he had of Avalokiteśvara, and then transmitted to Thangtong Gyalpo, for whom it was intended.

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