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Longchen Nyingtik Field of Merit

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A series of texts, including commentaries, related to the preliminary practices, or ngöndro (sngon 'gro), from various cycles:

Dudjom Tersar Ngöndro


This liturgy for the preliminary practices, or ngöndro (sngon 'gro), of Do Khyentse's terma revelation Yangsang Khandrö Tuktik, 'The Exceedingly Secret, Enlightened Heart-Essence of the Ḍākinī', includes the common, outer practices of contemplation and the main, inner preliminaries of taking refuge, generating bodhicitta, offering the maṇḍala, purifying obscurations through Vajrasattva, and guru yoga.

A set of common and uncommon preliminary practices, beginning with the four thoughts that turn the mind away from saṃsāra and continuing with taking refuge, generating bodhicitta, maṇḍala offering, Vajrasattva visualization and mantra recitation, and guru yoga.

This poem explains the tell-tale signs for determining whether the common preliminary practices (sngon 'gro) have penetrated the mind of a practitioner.

This concise set of preliminary practices by Shabkar Tsokdruk Rangdrol includes the outer preliminaries, as well as the inner preliminary practices of taking refuge, arousing bodhicitta, visualisation and recitation of Vajrasattva, maṇḍala offering, and guru yoga.

In this brief text Yukhok Chatralwa explains the common outer and uncommon inner preliminary practices in very simple terms.

Guru Yoga

Longchen Nyingtik Ngöndro

This word-by-word explanation of the Longchen Nyingtik preliminaries draws upon and summarizes earlier commentaries, especially the most celebrated of them all, Patrul Rinpoche's Words of My Perfect Teacher (Kun bzang bla ma'i zhal lung). Yet Chökyi Drakpa's text is not entirely derivative and its relative brevity makes it ideal as a reminder of the most important points of the practice. This is why some lamas recommend reading and studying it regularly, together with the liturgy (which appears in bold).

The root text of the outer and inner preliminary (ngöndro) practices from the Longchen Nyingtik, compiled by the First Dodrupchen, Jigme Trinle Özer, based on the original revelation of Jigme Lingpa and other sources.

This guide to the stages of visualization for the Longchen Nyingtik preliminary practices (sngon 'gro) is, as Khyentse Wangpo himself puts it, "brief, clear and essential." Some of its instructions differ slightly from those given by Patrul Rinpoche, so that it represents a distinct commentarial tradition.

This is a version of A Profound Concentration of Nectar, into which the root text of the Longchen Nyingtik preliminaries has been inserted. The text also includes several prayers that were not included in Jikmé Trinlé Özer’s original version.

Patrul Rinpoche's explanations in this brief guide to the Longchen Nyingtik preliminary practices mostly follow those given in his classic text, The Words of My Perfect Teacher (Kun bzang bla ma'i zhal lung). Still, this condensed text offers useful reminders of the most important points of the practice, especially the details of the visualizations.

Longsal Dorje Nyingpo


Ngöndro Compendium

Ngöndro by Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo

Vima Nyingtik

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