Khandro Tsering Chödrön Series

Tibetan MastersKhandro Tsering Chödrön

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Khandro Tsering Chödrön

Khandro Tsering Chödrön

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With the blessings of Tsogyal, wisdom ḍākinī of great bliss,

Emanation of the lady of Shelkar,

Āyu Dharma Dīpam (Long Life, Lamp of the Dharma), to you I pray.

Grant your blessing so that all our wishes in accordance with the Dharma be fulfilled.

Texts related to Khandro Tsering Chödrön (mkha' 'gro tshe ring chos sgron, 1929–2011), spiritual consort of Jamyang Khyentse Chökyi Lodrö:


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