Khenchen Ngawang Palzang Series

Tibetan MastersKhenchen Ngawang Palzang

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Khenchen Ngawang Palzang

Khenchen Ngawang Palzang

Name variants:
  • Dorje Zijitsal
  • Jampal Gyepa Zilnön
  • Khenpo Ngaga
  • Ösal Rinchen Nyingpo
  • Pema Ledrel Tsal
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Vimalamitra realized the maṇḍala of the supreme state,

Longchenpa revealed the dharmakāya Samantabhadra,

And you, Ngaki Wangpo, are inseparable from them both—to you I pray:

Inspire me with your blessings so that my own mind and your wisdom-mind merge as one!

Texts by the great Dzogchen master Khenchen Ngawang Palzang (ngag dbang dpal bzang, 1879–1941), also known as Khenpo Ngakchung:

Buddhist Philosophy

Calling the Guru from Afar


Guru Rinpoche Prayers



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