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Eight Auspicious Substances

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To every buddha, I make offerings:

Of the loveliest flowers, of beautiful garlands,

Of music and perfumed ointments, the best of parasols,

The brightest lamps and finest incense.

Lotsawa House presents the following texts related to the practice of offering (mchod pa):

Eight Auspicious Substances

Flower Offering

Garland of Offerings

Offering to Nāgas



Sur Offering

A practice of white and red Sur (gsur), or 'burnt offering', revealed by Chokgyur Dechen Lingpa.

A short practice for presenting red sur (dmar gsur) or burnt offerings for those who crave flesh and blood, including the various types of spirit and demon who obstruct virtuous practice.

A simple practice of sur (gsur) offering to the four types of guest: those invited out of respect, those invited on account of their qualities, those invited out of compassion, and those to whom we owe karmic debts.

A very short practice of giving sur (burnt offerings) to potentially harmful spirits, who have arisen through the conceit of self-grasping, and compelling them to depart.

An offering of red sur for the four types of guest, especially yakṣas, rākṣasas and harmful spirits, so that they may shed their anger and resentment and arouse bodhicitta.

A popular white sur offering, in which one visualizes oneself as Khasarpaṇi and presents burnt offerings to all the buddhas and bodhisattvas, gurus, deities, goddesses, protectors, and spirits and to all sentient beings.

A popular sur text, for dedicating burnt offerings to spirits and obstacle-makers in order to eliminate adversity, which Mipham composed following a dream.

Water Offering

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